Magnificent fusion of particles upon the sky

Spectators of such phenomenon wonder why

Dropping jaw


It’s blended with black so you’d dream to fly ©


Here and there

Night blooming flowers reach the air I inhale

   and as I wrap my shawl around my shoulders

   my head unconsciously looked up in the sea of black space above

   I have always adored, like the moment I knew you 

Tiny dot-like ball of fires keep on twinkling 

   The clouds are all gone, sleeping behind mountains 

   Though the wind makes my body shiver,

   I devour myself in it, for it freezes escaping tears

I wonder if you’re having a hard time, too 

   in keeping your head still in that position 

   who wouldn’t love it’s soundless beauty? 

   I bet you’re unaware that it just returns back what you unknowingly bestow 

Under this same, old mixture of black and white

   I remind myself that inarguably, we both go utterly astounded 

   Hope kills me to think that someday, you’ll be the one to keep me warm

   while I claim to own two things at the same, slow time ©