One, two, three, beguiled

Three, two one, badly denied 

Bones snap, won’t subside. 


Familiar Water World

It’s a newfound world

Full of blues and unsung tunes

I’d be here to stare 

For hours and indulge in 

Your sweet presence and inhale you ©

Time and Supernova 

Whilst I still grab and identify the freshness

of air mixed with lavenders and musk scent

I ask you to feel all the rough edges of my palms

I’ve known them for too long that I also

wished someone would also know them like I do

This rainbow won’t be here with us soon,

for it will find again another worse place to settle

Some stars and the shapes that their shine form

have already faced their sweet, blinding death

But our eyes have never witnessed them

Maybe our eyes are only made to admire them

blink with that unusual, cosmic vibe 

Til our hearts decide that it’s already time. ©