There’s a girl whose smile is so captivating that people who sees her instantly forget where they’re heading to or what they’re gonna do. 

She often gives people a pat in the back, a symphaty so true that it could melt a frozen heart. 

When her friends are feeling down and doomed, she lends her ears and takes time to listen. 

When there’s someone who’s feeling ugly and underserving of the precious things in this world, she looks them in the eye while saying ‘You are unique and beautiful in your very own way. And you know what’s more beautiful? It’s inside, and I want you to feel it, the way I do.’ 

She’s the girl who patiently waits in the bus stop, hoping she’ll get a ride, even though people starts to leave and walk away so easily. 

She’s the girl who saved a suicidal friend once, and told her that everything will be alright. 

She loves making jokes, too, to enlighten everyone’s mood. 

She’s the brightly lit candle in a room wholly eaten up by darkness. 

And beyond all that, she tries to be the person whom everybody needs, who seems to be brimming with love, joy and life. But, nobody knows that inside of that aesthetic flower is hollow; a deep hole that no one could ever refill.©


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