Every single, cold and solitary night of my life

       I wish you had an idea of my existence

       The way I have known you, my shadow knight

       But knowing this is all impossible, what might be the essence? 

You sang with your heart out in that very stage

       Lights flickering, eyes blurring 

       Tears rolled down my cheeks, for some, it’s strange

       Your bluest eyes couldn’t find their way to mine, I’m afraid time might be interfering

We’re both sharing the same air, 

       I breathe yours as you breathe mine

       Tell me a way to preserve this moment, is there?

       I’m just a lost grain of sand in this vast beach, sigh

Overwhelming emotions begin to flood in me

       Eyes closed, ragged breathing, heaven’s too close

       But too faraway as well, unreachable dream

       Whatever happens, you’ll forever be my silent whim.©



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