The fog that I inhale soothes my soul,

       As the clouds began to disperse,

       I know my eyes weren’t being fooled

       Perhaps what I see before me is a wonderful curse

       The moment this hollow feeling turned into tears. 

Silently wondering what might be 

      the reason I’m here alone

      The coldness of the air embraces me

      While everything turns into monochrome. 

Fill me with your temporary brightness and glow 

       As we share this placid notion

       Moon whispers to me, “don’t be afraid to show

       the flaws engraved on you, believe me, I’ve seen them shone”. 

I hope your ephemeral radiance won’t cease to illuminate

       all the wandering people in the dark.

       For in the dark is where we find the light 

       Like how the moon shines when nighttime is stark.©


Photo by: Rizza de Guzman


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