Walking, sniffing the cold, thin air. 

       Sun’s not up yet, another day.

       Walking down the pavement, 

       slowly, like my breathing patterns. 

Loud honks and engine roars

       fill the roads, as well as my ears.

       Staring at these unending chain of 

       fast, exciting and menacing speeds. 

How come are we still lingering, 

       when all that’s been here were gone by now.

       Are we talking through the scorching air?

       No one utters a word, stuck in mid-air?

Wheels, like our lives, drifting fast, fast, fast.

       Take me somewhere, away from the past. 

       Leave trails of regret, ire and doubt

       and begin discovering new routes. ©

Photo from:   http://www.pictureicon.com/image/car-lights-trails-photography-hd-wallpaper-hd-nature-wallpapers    


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