pictures hold nothing

but silent, raw memories

contorted in mind ©



Warm raindrops fell down

Cloudy vision and windshield

Red lights are glaring

There’s no way to press the brake

It’s too late; we’re both crashing ©

Sick Beat

I was running from my cursed dream last night,

     I wished you’d show up,

     and pick me up

     to continue my unfinished fight.

You were always so far away, 

     But I never intended to be close to you

     nobody can explain why it feels like deja vu

     would you be here someday in any way? 

I ain’t dumb, I know this would be very fleet

     like how the years came passing by

     without warning, I whispered my good bye

     and just waste all the time absorbing the heat

Rotting in an abandoned theatre 

     I heard an echo of a voice, so low and sweet

     Lucky all the screams and shouts are meek

     The thumping in my chest begins to holler ©