Cloud scrapers seem to block yellow rays

     cold pavements with unseen footprints

     muted sounds of thudding sprint

     without much thought, I follow your way. 

Upon entering the usual morning mum,

     your baritone voice fills the air

     and from that moment on,

     I knew you were my pseudo sunshine. ©


I know I shouldn’t think of you that much,

   but still I do when I’m about to sleep,

   I hear your gregarious chatter

   even when you’re not around. 

I know I shouldn’t steal glances at you that much,

   but I do when you’re too busy to notice

   when you’re preoccupied with your phone,

   and when you’re blessing me with your laugh. 

I know this crazy infatuation shouldn’t matter,

   But I just can’t help it

   You speak to me and I stutter

   My brain starts to buffer. 

I know seeing you smile at me shouldn’t matter,

   But it seems like you were looking beyond me

   of course, she’s just behind me

   and everything falls down tragically. ©



Repetitive clicking,

     eyes go from left to right

     focused on the bright screen

     while I try to hide my heart’s internal screams.

Some files are now missing, 

     but it’s you that I’m missing. 

     You unabashedly approach the mic,

     as you merrily utter, ‘good-bye’. 


Winter clothes seem to hide it all away

But the mutual vibrations can’t be stray

Hushed confession

No progression

Unprecedented desire but there’s no way ©

Polka-dotted Socks 

Gulping down dark red lava

     till the sun replaces the moon

     Wasting my time lying on this springy sofa

     I know my consciousness will leave me soon

I dreamt of falling into a river full of rocks 

     Never mind if I die without my consent

     But then who knew you’d fall for my socks

     ‘Cause you said they look cute when I’m spent. ©