White Palace


Breath of this stark, white palace

Filled with oxygen

And few undisturbed shadows 

that wished for revolution ©


Clouds below

Walking down the path of freedom

I notice how the sun rarely kiss the ground

For in this place, everything’s in grey shade

Not so far ahead,

A hanging bridge with thorned vines invites me

to lay my feet on it and feel the spikes in my skin

The night sings like a nightingale 

Normally, I would have stayed awake just to finish its little show

But right now, the urge to close my eyes is strong

One, two, three.

It crashes down like the mountains I’ve climbed a hundred times before

I let my arms stretch like a lone eagle

Expecting a hurricane to rip me into pieces,

Then unbelievably,

And impossibly,

While not feeling the momentum of falling into an unknown spot,

I felt the softness of the clouds, embracing me and all that’s left. ©

Beaches and Sunsets (and you)

Reunited with the fine white sand

My toes kissed them like before 

I tried to drown myself with the sea’s placid yawn

So I dozed off til the twilight came

Orange bright light awaken my eyes 

Oh – I never thought – oh

Was it really you? 

I wasn’t sure, but I don’t feel like I’m dreaming 

So to divert my groggy behavior

I fished out my phone to take a picture

Of you with your legs so long

Eyes; bluer than the water

Hair; waivy and long like before 

Then I remembered 

I promised myself not to be in awe of you

When you chose to go without me 

With the sun traveling down the horizon behind us,

covering everything in vibrant yellow

Being our magnificent witness ©

Once again

Numb mind trying to climb hills and mountain

Drastic downcast that gives birth to trained feign

Juggling faith

Cannot wait

To form the planned constellations once again ©