Skyward Plaza


     Everyone rushes

     Coffee splashes 

     Fresh fake eyelashes 

     Subtle changes.


     Annoyed looks

     Loose nooks

     Grinning cooks leave 

     Unfinished books.


     Eerie silence 

     Obsolete eloquence 

     Tortured patience

     asleep conscience.


     Jittery breaths 

     fingers start to fret

     Platform is set

     Ping! Swift as a jet.



Stars, shining dots hidden behind dark clouds

     Rain, only felt when it hits the roof so loud

     Sun, ball of fire shredded into fiery rays

     Lightning, whiter than most of our days ©

Erratic Heart

As the curtains reveal your smiling eyes,

     the oxygen around won’t suffice

     to further support my astonished sight

     insane palpitations I couldn’t fight. 

The world seems so small 

     will you be there, if I fall?

     You touch and untouch my craving skin

     No doubts and inhibitions; let’s make this sin.

Remembering the time when stars were made

     I was there to absorb their sorrowful cascade 

     You emerged from the clouds, 

     that’s when my heart thundered so loud. 

White flowers eventually wither

     the skies may craft a pitiless winter 

     But this uncertainty that we both hold

     leads to promises and a future to unfold. ©


Slowly disintegrating statue of puissance

Fueled by flames, bullets and nuisance 

Electrified newborn

Ever stubborn

Now surrounded by an unfamiliar alliance ©


Jeans soaked in morning rain

     spectacles free from mist

     he focused on scribbling 

     while his patience is dwindling.

Still faraway, she thought he’ll be late

     carefully knotting her shoelaces

     wearing her reddest lipgloss

     anticipating the sweetest canoodle.

Entire notepad has been kissed by the pen now

     nothing else is there to do, other than

     to blink and sip the cold chamomile tea

     not forgetting the smile of his tardy lady.

Few blocks away from their rendezvous 

     she saw his broad shoulders slumped 

     she dashed gracefully towards him

     two hearts beaming in screaming colors. ©

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