Cheeks and Hoodies

Let my fingers crush

your cheeks filled with fluffy flesh

Patience, my sweet man

Wear that black hoodie jacket 

grab my hand and walk me home © 


Asteroid belt

Absence of sound,

     abundance of unreachable distance

     black background painted

     with enormous wonders 

Mars and Jupiter

     red and orange

     tell me who scattered these rusty diamonds

     covered with dents, ice and dust 

Injured from inside and out

     embellished with shame, anxiety and chagrin

     nurtured with solidity and unfaltering faith 

     Broken into pieces, fascinating as a whole ©

Cigarettes and Farewells

We inhale cigarettes like how we gulp for air after an hour of sprint

Heart beat’s goin’ normal and stable

You asked for that one last favor

It’s not up to us or the moon even though it’s watching us now

I can’t take my time just to ponder about the answer

Rugged roads and low lying ceilings 

We’re running out of time and gasoline

Inhale. Exhale. It’s right when it’s wrong 

We smoke and kill our lungs without much thought

But tonight, I’m promising myself not to feel anything like this ever again. ©