Comet gazing

Missed to see comets

Gliding onto the sky, high

’cause I chose your smile. ©



Blinding red sunsets 

Never felt so bright and bare

Without the rays; you. ©

Lost and Found

Sidewalks and the colorful illegal murals 

shout boldness and freedom to be heard

Mine, though, are always heard but ignored

We head through doors that weren’t opened for us

We ride taxis when it’s more fun to walk

The breeze that clogs the pores of the sky

Has reached home, and there’s no way others can see it the way I do

I have heard stories of defeat and progress

Tales of petty wars and giddy sisters

Own the world, if you feel like it

Engrave onto it’s stones your name, 

and let it be known that you’ve conquered something you’ve never even imagined before 

For it is the reason and the only way

To justify every breath you’ve taken and borrowed 

Tall grasses and unending chase

It’s not so bad if you get lost in daydreams 

For it is assured and settled

That that day would be the first one to find you. ©