Wanting Reasons 

Cornfields and pine trees

all over this hollow place

where you brought me sparks

and words of unseen angels— 

now gone without a reason ©



Chronicles of love

inside thou artistic mind

filled with woes and gash

don’t make me think of your heart

that’s frail and truly homeless ©

Vape Night

As I lick the saliva you left on my lips

after one heated kiss on the gray sand,

I felt your breath caress my tiny shoulders

Without uttering anything, I pulled you closer,

Closer than you’ll ever get

And like the tale-teller that I am, 

I told you the possibility of parallel universes

And how we might end up together in another 

Moon shines bright tonight, half alive 

World wherein everything is made for us

You fished out your magical tube from your bag

And inhaled like your whole life depended on it

I watched you for what seems like a lifetime 

Though I know its hidden danger, it still keeps my valves pumping 

I closed my heavy eyelids as it starts watering

We’re now surrounded with strawberry-flavoured vapor 

For the last time, I saw you with a blurry figure

The moon is nowhere to be found now

For the first time, I felt like I’ve been stabbed unrelentingly 

Forgive me, I chose the clouds over the dirty sea ©

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